tsc Plasma

About TSC Plasma Co., Ltd.

TSC Plasma Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, with expertise accumulated over 15 years, customers have recognized and approved our unque dedication and skillful services to match their technic demand.


consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

TSC Plasma offers many manufacturing technologies and has a lot of experience in the field of consumer electronics. TSC Plasma provides OEM/ODM manufacturing services to meet customer requirements with high quality and high efficiency.

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Leather and Footwear

The electroplated TPU leather provided by TSC Plasma can pass various tests, such as washing resistance, folding resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. Electroplated TPU leather is also a unique product of TSC Plasma, and there are almost no products of the same grade on the market.

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Customized Parts

Customized Parts

TSC Plasma has the technology to make customization more flexible, we will try our best to meet the customer's requirements, especially in the field of MIM and milling machines.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015

TSC Plasma has certificate ISO 9001:2015.


Nike approved vendor

Nike is a company that strictly controls quality, safety and hygiene, production lines, product confidentiality, and chemical arrangements. Being a Nike certified supplier is the most glorious thing for TSC Plasma.

ASE Group approved vendor

ASE Group approved vendor

ASE GROUP is a well-known ASMC chip packaging manufacturer, and the quality required by the company is stricter than that required by Apple. Because of its exclusive technology and quality control, TSC Plasma has been recognized as a supplier by ASE Group.